Things I have learned. Part II

Time waits for no one.  I conceived a general idea of this project in 2009-2010 and tried to get other people or organizations to do this history.  When no one else was able or willing, my wife said I should do it.  In Sept of 2012 I started the contacts and the process of doing interviews for this history.  In that interval of  time Dr. John Batdorf of Las Vegas died, one of the true pioneers in prehospital care in Nevada, and the opportunity to get his history recorded died with him.  Rocky Ging of Lovelock died and his long history with Pershing County was lost.  As this project has proceeded I had some serious health problems and the urgency of getting the stories recorded and organized became more evident.  Time not only steals our lives, but the clarity of our memories.  The point is, I wish I had started to gather the memories earlier, but am glad I have gotten these done.  If you have memories about EMS, or any other subject you want your friends or family to have, write them down or record them somehow.

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