Some things never change.

As I’ve travelled from town to town and department to department’s history has been explored I found that some things are constants.

How do we find people to work the ambulance calls?

Where do we find the money to maintain, replenish, upgrade our equipment?

How should we be organized?  Should we be independent, part of a fire service, or some other entity?   How should we divide call?

How long should we be on scene?  Should we stabilize and transport, or should we spend 20-40 minutes on site before transporting?

However, the questions of how to treat a situation and the hierarchy of command appear to be usually sorted out.  National standards of training and the implementation of those standards have given clear guidance to department members and between departments as to what treatment course should be followed in a situation.

The unanswered questions will continue to be addressed by each department and political entity as their circumstances dictate and change.

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