A History of Emergency Medical Services in Nevada

Author: Elwood L. Schmidt, MD

Photography: John Kasinger



Elwood L Schmidt, MD premed studies at Texas A&M, graduated U. of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston 1956, interned White Cross Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, served two years in USPHS, Division of Indian Health in Keams Canyon, AZ serving Hopi and Navajo, and Schurz, NV serving Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe.

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From the mid-1950s through the end of the last century, I witnessed a dramatic change in the level of care and service patients received prior to arriving at the hospital.  The changes in this pre-Hospital or Emergency Medical Services care was often developed by volunteers, in small towns, and with very limited resources.  How did this improvement come about?  How did all these places of small population improve so much?  It was the search for answers to questions that gave rise to this book and is told through the voices of the people who were there at the times these changes occurred, in towns small and cities large.

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